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Watch Miss Universe 2009 Live Online - Miss Universe 2009 Live Stream

Watch Miss Universe 2009 Live Online/Miss Universe 2009 Live Stream Now!

This year the Miss Universe is on its 58th pageant which will be held on August 23, 2009 at the Atlantis Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas.

Watch Movies Online

While surfing the net, a while ago I stumbled to this website called Movie Planet. Movie Planet is an comprehensive & all in one guide with the wit & wisdom to make fair judgments on all movies across the spectrum. Filled with honest reviews, movie updates & an all in one movie forums is what this website is all about! Host to some of the most knowledgeable personnel, I'm sure that they will give you all that you need to know about all the great new movies debuting in the coming months. Often or not, I find myself at crossroads on whether a movie is worth a visit to the theaters or another rental. Not anymore!

By discovering this cool website, not only do I not have to waste my time & money but I can find out what I need to know with a simple click of the mouse. Just visit their website to watch movies! Reliable & up to date information, superb reviews, previews & recommendations from experts who really know movies. You can’t really go wrong with them.

Okay, let us get into the details. Anyone that really knows me, knew that I am a huge television fanatic compared to movies. In short, I'm not a movie expert. I just watch a movie based on friends' recommendations. Luckily for me, Movie Planet also caters to the television lovers and offers the same expertise & intelligent insight that I need to help me choose the right shows to watch. After all, what’s worse than wasting time on a movie or show that you have no interest for and are watching based on just fabricated TV and advertising. Anyway Movie Planets, also provides some cool video apps for you to choose from.

I think, it’s very important to know where to go to for advice on what to watch & at what time to watch them, because not everyone has all the time in the world. For people on the go, Movie Planet is really the place to go to. It’s just what you need to help you narrow down what you want to watch with easy to navigate & search features.

Paris Hilton' New Boy

Paris Hilton' New Boy

After dumping her recent bf, Paris Hilton is going where no human woman as gone before.

Paris Hilton was in a well-publicized long-term relationship with Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden. After weeks of speculation, the pair announced that they had gone their separate ways.

Never one to be out of the spotlight for long, Paris has quickly dusted herself off and found a new man. Sort of… Last night, Paris was spotted at LA eatery Mr. Chow with the one and only Manigator!

Paris Hilton Moved to a New House

Paris Hilton Moved to a New House

Popular heiress Paris Hilton feels much safer in her new home. The 27-year-old cutie, who recently moved to an exclusive gated community in Beverly Hills, loves the new property because it gives her more privacy.

Paris Hilton wrote on her official blog: "As most of you know, I moved away from my old - and very accessible - house because I was sick and tired of constant invasion of my private life. "I love my fans but I could not leave for a meeting or walk my dog without a camera pushing inside my front door on to personal property. I feel so much happier and safer in my new home."

Nicole Richie Not Happy

Nicole Richie Not Happy

Bestfriend Nicole Richie reportedly isn't too happy about best friend Paris Hilton moving into her neighborhood. Nicole Richie and her baby's father Joel Madden, of the band Good Charlotte, had moved to Glendale to escape the publicity that was hounding them.

But when Paris Hilton and Benji Madden moved in next door to Nicole Richie, all the peace and quiet that they had been enjoying was disrupted. Hilton, who enjoys being in the limelight, has the gossip mongers coming over and disrupting the serenity of the place and Richie's not pleased.

Lydia Hearst says "I Went to College. I'm a Supermodel." and "I'm a Hearst, Not a Hilton!"

Lydia Hearst says 'I went to college. I'm a supermodel.' and 'I'm a Hearst, not a Hilton!'
Lydia Hearst
. Does that name sound familiar? It doesn't ring a bell, right? She's not that famous! Well, as she tells OK! magazine, "I went to college. I'm a supermodel. I have a legitimate career in journalism, television, fashion and designing. But more importantly, "I'm a Hearst, not a Hilton!" Firstly, we are by no means cheerleaders for anybody who is tacky and wears as much weave and/or makeup as someone like a Paris Hilton, who Lydia was clearly taking a swipe at.

With that aside, Lydia Hearst, our friend, get real. You totally want to be Paris Hilton. As is evident by your twirls down Heatherette's runway every year and your love for everything pink and sparkly. Not to mention the fact that if there were any truth to your resume, why did you feel compelled to rattle it off to a reporter? Ooh, silly girl. Look. You are pretty, slightly cheesy, probably not as cultured as you would like us all to believe, and extremely wealthy. And if we could be honest with each other for a sec., the majority of the success that both you and Paris have achieved can -- for the most part -- be attributed to your famous last names. That's it. Not too much hard work involved.

So can we all be friends again?

Paris Hilton Will Build a Beauty Empire!

Paris Hilton Will Build a Beauty Empire!
Paris Hilton is taking over the world, one hair extension at a time. Hotel heiress Paris Hilton tells Louise Horne about her plans to build a beauty empire More than 150,000 people visit the Cosmoprof cosmetics exhibition in Bologna each year, but this time there was only one name on everyone’s lips: Paris Hilton. The 27-year-old socialite-heiress rolled into the Italian town last month to promote her new haircare and accessories range and proved to be a real showstopper.

Pitched in a private tent, complete with catwalk and blaring sound system (her own album, naturally), the actress/singer/whatever showcased the first products in her range to crowds of Italian fans. The line-up, created in partnership with US manufacturer HairTech International, consists of permanent and temporary hair extensions, cleansing and styling products, heated appliances and accessories.

So, what’s Paris Hilton’s favorite? “I love everything. I’ve been wearing the DreamCatchers Hair Extensions for a while to make my hair longer,” she said. “But The Bandit is my favorite of the new products. It’s so easy. You can just wake up in the morning and decide what you want your hair to look like. It’s simple, fast and looks great. It’s definitely the fun new way to wear hair.”

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